How to Repair Your iWatch

Many people are concerned that replacing the Apple Watch’s screen could be very expensive. It is possible to replace the entire screen assembly of an Apple Watch in certain cases for almost the same price as a new watch. However, there are other options that can be much cheaper.

An experienced and skilled technician may be able to replace damaged parts while retaining functional parts. This could save you a lot of money!



The Apple Watch screen assembly consists of three main layers that are bonded together using special adhesives. Think of it as a high-tech sandwich.

1> The top layer, also known as the front glass or touch screen, is what you touch when using the watch.

2>The digitizer is the second layer. It is replaced by the front glass. This is usually made of thin transparent plastic. This is the part responsible for touch function. A flex cable connects the digitizer to the next layer.


3>The liquid crystal display (LCD) is a tiny, ultra-thin computer monitor that displays images and video. This component is the most costly and fragile of the screen assembly. It cannot be bonded to digitizer or glass.


It will all depend on how the Apple Watch is being behaved.

1>Although the front glass has cracked, the display still works correctly and displays. The LCD will still function in this instance and it will need to be replaced with the digitizer and front glass.

2>The display has dark lines and blobs on it because the front glass cracked. This would indicate that the LCD has been damaged. A complete screen replacement would be necessary.

How can one part be replaced when the whole screen assembly is joined together with an adhesive?

A successful Apple Watch screen repair is not an easy task. It is difficult because the delicate components are bonded together. This requires patience, skill, and specialist equipment. Only experienced repair technicians should attempt this task.


The following step-by-step example will give you an idea of what it takes to repair this type of glass. It shows how to replace the front glass while keeping the original LCD on your Apple Watch.


Stage 1: Remove the damaged screen from your watch’s main body

This step is very time-consuming and requires precision tools and care.


Stage 2 – Disconnect the screen of the watch

The watch pebble has been removed from the screen, so a delicate touch is required. The internal components of the watch are extremely fragile!

Stage 3 – Remove damaged glass from the screen

This step requires specialist, state-of-the art equipment. The LCD can be easily removed if the technician is skilled.


Stage 4 – Attach the replacement glass to your screen

OCA glue is used to laminate the replacement front glass and digitizer to the original LCD. This ensures that the screen assembly looks brand new.

Stage 5 – Glue screen assembly to watch main body

The watch is then assembled and sealed with a water-resistant adhesive. The watch is then tested for functionality.

The Apple Watch screen repair can be a complicated and time-consuming process. However, if done properly by a skilled professional it can save you a lot of money.

Go to iTech Services and get your watch fixed by an Apple Repair Expert. Next time, be more cautious!

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