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Apple watch EGC Backglass replacement with iTech Solutions

The Apple Watch has undoubtedly become a staple in the world of wearable technology. It seamlessly blends style and functionality, offering users a range of features to monitor their health and stay connected. One of the standout features of the Apple Watch is the ECG (electrocardiogram) capability, which allows users to take an ECG reading directly from […]

Troubleshooting Apple Watch Charging Issues

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re ready to start your day, but your Apple Watch is refusing to charge properly? Dealing with charging issues can be frustrating, especially when you rely on your watch to keep you connected and on track. In this article, we will delve into some common Apple Watch charging […]

Apple Watch Water Damage: Everything You Need to Know

For those who enjoy using their Apple Watch, it’s crucial to know how to keep it safe from water. In this guide from iTech Solutions, we’ll explore everything about Apple Watch water damage, from why it happens to how to prevent it. Let’s learn to protect your device together! Get Your Device Repaired Understanding Water Resistance […]

Replace the battery to transform your Apple Watch experience

Are you frustrated with your Apple Watch’s battery life? Do you find yourself constantly searching for a charger throughout the day? It may be time to consider replacing your Apple Watch battery. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about Apple Watch battery replacement. From understanding the signs that indicate a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Apple Watch Screen Replacement

Greetings, Apple Watch aficionados! Encountered a cracked or damaged screen on your cherished Apple Watch? Fear not, for iTech Solutions presents the ultimate guide to Apple Watch screen replacement. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned Apple enthusiast, our comprehensive guide has you covered. Get Your Device Repaired Understanding Apple Watch Screen Damage So, you […]

How Can I Find the Best Apple Service Center in Yelahanka?

How Can I Find the Best Apple Service Center in Yelahanka! One of the most recognizable brands in the world is Apple. The world adores Apple products for their good appearance, functionality, design, and usability. Seeing our favorite gadgets not function properly is the most difficult thing to do. Let us help you find the […]

Genuine List of Apple Authorized Service Centers in Bangalore


How to Search for Authorized Service Center Visit – Select “Service & Support”  Enter your Pin code and device you want to service You will see a list and the pins on the Map.  Apple Logo can be used by Authorized Service Center and Authorized Resellers Only.  List of Authorized Services Centers in Bangalore. […]

iPhone Service Center In Yelahanka


Best iPhone Service Centre in Yelahanka Expert Apple iPhone repair service Yelahanka. Reliable, Best Service, Quick, Transparent, Affordable and convenient Apple repair service for iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac & Apple Watch. ‘FULL RANGE REPAIRS’. That’s what we do best at iTech Service  – Best iPhone Service Center in Yelahanka. Apple product service in Yelahanka and […]

How to Repair your iWatch

How to Repair iWatch Series

How to Repair Your iWatch Many people are concerned that replacing the Apple Watch’s screen could be very expensive. It is possible to replace the entire screen assembly of an Apple Watch in certain cases for almost the same price as a new watch. However, there are other options that can be much cheaper. An […]

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