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Steps To Replace a Faulty iPhone Motherboard

Navigating the intricate world of iPhone repairs, the motherboard stands as a central hub connecting crucial internal components. This guide from iTech Solutions unfolds the process of replacing a malfunctioning iPhone motherboard. Delve into the motherboard’s significance, recognize signs calling for replacement, and discover insights on choosing the perfect replacement. Let’s embark on this informative […]

iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working

iPhone’s Volume Button not working? iPhone Volume Buttons It’s easy to forget how little gadgets can do to improve our everyday lives in the vast world of iPhones. The iPhone volume button is a silent powerhouse that opens up untapped possibilities, yet it is sometimes overwhelmed by more flashy features. The secret to improving the […]

iPhone Power Button

At Tech Solutions , we understand the pivotal role smartphones play in our daily lives, and we know how frustrating it can be when something goes awry. One common issue that iPhone users often face is a malfunctioning power button. A non-functional power button can disrupt various functionalities, such as turning the device on or off, taking […]

iPhone Speaker Replacement Cost

Is your iPhone speaker not working? This will let you know about the iPhone speaker replacement. You’re not alone, so don’t worry! Even though it could appear to be a hardware issue, it might just be a software bug. In our store at iTech Solutions, we can quickly fix anything. Your audio will be restored […]

iPhone Battery Replacement Cost!

iPhone Battery Replacement Bangalore Welcome to iTech Services! Get your iPhone battery repair services at the locations RT Nagar, Yelahanka, and Koramangala. Our skilled technicians use only original and genuine iPhone batteries, which come with a 6-month warranty. We can repair your iPhone battery in under 30 minutes, and we offer affordable prices. How largely does it cost […]

iPhone Back Glass Replacement in Bangalore

iPhone Back Glass Replace

Importance of Back Glass iPhone back glass replacement in Bangalore The back glass of an iPhone is a crucial component that protects the internal hardware while adding to the device’s overall integrity and look. It also plays a role in ensuring the device’s wireless charging functionality, which makes it an essential feature for modern iPhones. […]

How Can I Find the Best Apple Service Center in Yelahanka?

How Can I Find the Best Apple Service Center in Yelahanka! One of the most recognizable brands in the world is Apple. The world adores Apple products for their good appearance, functionality, design, and usability. Seeing our favorite gadgets not function properly is the most difficult thing to do. Let us help you find the […]

Genuine List of Apple Authorized Service Centers in Bangalore


How to Search for Authorized Service Center Visit – Select “Service & Support”  Enter your Pin code and device you want to service You will see a list and the pins on the Map.  Apple Logo can be used by Authorized Service Center and Authorized Resellers Only.  List of Authorized Services Centers in Bangalore. […]

iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone Display Replacement in Bangalore

iPhone Screen Replacement Bangalore iPhone Screen Repair or Replacement iPhone screens can cost up to 50percent of iPhone cost, making it an expensive option in the event that you need to replace your screens through Apple Authorized Service centers. iTech Services India provides affordable alternatives in iPhone screen replacement. iTech Services also make sure the […]

iPhone Service Center In Yelahanka


Best iPhone Service Centre in Yelahanka Expert Apple iPhone repair service Yelahanka. Reliable, Best Service, Quick, Transparent, Affordable and convenient Apple repair service for iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac & Apple Watch. ‘FULL RANGE REPAIRS’. That’s what we do best at iTech Service  – Best iPhone Service Center in Yelahanka. Apple product service in Yelahanka and […]

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